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wacky_weddings's Journal

Wild wacky weddings, and the people who plan 'em
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to the wackiest LJ community dedicated to Weddings. :)

We're still in the building process,
so be sure to check back,
or if you're so inclined,
feel free to join the early madness
and tell us about your wacky wedding plans.

From Viva Goth Vegas Vows to Raver Receptions,
Plaid Punk Princesses to Dreamy "I DO"'s, we're
your one stop shop for wacky_weddings!

Enjoy. :)

There are only a few rules, so please pay attention...

  • There will be no eating of the crayons. In other words, play nice.
  • Please do not cross-post to weddingplans, as this is
    not the place for your everyday level wedding stuff.
  • Use cut tags for large images, or anything you feel might be
    questionable. Imaged posts without cut tags will be deleted.
  • Please do tell us all about your dreams and desires of something
    off the wall. But if it's Not Safe For Work, please label your cut tag
  • If you are looking to promote a wedding community that you think
    the people here would like, please contact one of the Lovely
    Moderators. We're just fine with trading links from the info page.
    (well, as long as you're planning something out of the ordinary. heh)
  • There is no rule number six. :)
  • Since this is a two-party thing, you grooms *are* welcome too!

Your lovely moderators for this ride are evil_bela_cat,
netgoth and good_eeevening. Please make sure
your tray tables are put away, your seats are in the upright
position. Get ready for a hell of a ride. :)

Any complaints about the moderation of this LJ should be made to badmods.