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Reception Ideas

Hello everyone. My fiance and I are having a little bit of a problem and I thought perhaps you imaginative people could help us out. We are planning a gothic handfasting for mid October of next year. We are likely going to have our wedding cake and mead/cider immediately following the ceremony (as part of the rite) and want some sort of gathering afterwards. The problem we are coming up against is where to have our reception and what to do there. We don't dance, I don't drink and there are quite a few (recovering and not so recovering) alcoholics in our families. We don't want the "normal" reception, but are unfortunately coming up short in the idea department. A haunted house and a comedy club are being discussed, but we want a place where our family/friends can mingle, get to know each other, help us celebrate, etc. We aren't opposed to halloween theme things, but we want to limit the cheese factor. Any ideas would be marvelous. Thanks in advance!

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reception centerpieces - movie/hollywood theme

Hi all!

We're doing a classic hollywood theme for our reception and we're brainstorming ideas for centerpieces. My general scheme is to have each table be a movie, and the centerpiece will consist of a (smaller than actual movie poster size) movie poster and various objects that represent the movie. I'd like to have objects that could appear to be props from the movies - not just stuff with the movie printed on it or whatever.

The movies on our brainstorming list right now are:
Back to the Future
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Evil Dead
Harry Potter
Indiana Jones
King Kong
Planet of the Apes
Princess Bride
Star Wars

We'll probably end up with about ten tables - this is all still in the early stages of planning at this point.

If any of you have any ideas of items we might use, I'd love to hear them!

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Hi there! My name is Liz and my boyfriend and I currently live in New York (about to move to Brooklyn, currently staying in the city). We both grew up in New York City and want to have our ceremony/reception somewhere in the five boros, preferably somewhere in an okay neighborhood, near public transportation. We're planning on having a comic-book themed wedding (we're both avid comic book fans and I'm a cartoonist myself, when I have the time) and we'll be encouraging our guests to arrive in costume. Now, neither of us have much money and our setting a date is pretty much inhibited by our lack of funds (meaning, once we figure out how much everything costs, we can set a date).

My question goes out to anyone in this community who lives in or plans to have their wedding somewhere in the five boros of NYC, or some other close-by location (such as New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, etc.): does anyone know of a venue for about 150 people that is reasonably priced, for the reception? Whether or not they offering catering, DJs, etc doesn't matter, those things can be arranged seperately.


Am I the only lesbian around here?

It's really difficult to plan a wedding when so much of the help that is available doesn't fit. I'm ok with much of the information that is posted around here, but sometimes, I just want to know what the other butches are wearing and from the looks of things, no one else can offer me an opinion. I hope I'm wrong!

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soon soon soon

my artboy & i are doing the deed on march 2. we opted for a non-wedding because it gets too expensive and we're saving for a house. of course friends & famly have nit picked at us so we're doing tihs:

we're meeting friends & family at this famous fountain here in los angeles. we've asked folk to dress up and be outlandish. we'll be taking pictures with a multitude of cameras...holga, action sampler, quadcam, i-zone, etc. then we'll have either my brother or close friend give good words and solumnize our vows. anyone can get ordained for free at the Universal Life Church online. after that we're heading to our place for cupcakes & thai food and then we're all going to traipse about Hollywood & L.A. on the subway etc. to take "touristy" shots and simply be cheesey. and that will be our weddng. ta-da!

the money we're spending is less than $500 and that includes license, subway fare, food, clothes & rings!