April 13th, 2008



Just joined this community so thought would introduce ourselves we are Ben & Lea and live in Leeds (UK) and plan to get married in Israel  early next spring (2009) at the moment the only people who know we are engaged are people we know via Livejournal (feel free to 'friend us') and the guy who lives next door to us.

Some photo's for you all
My (Lea) engagement ring which was made by this wonderful lady on Etsy. 

Ben bought from this from Etsy seller

and my flowers are also from a Etsy artist

We are having our Chuppah hand made by a lady on Etsy, Ben has just said 'we are having a totally Etsy wedding' and he is right as thus far everything is from Etsy!

We can confirm my dress wont be A - line and strapless so yeah our wedding will be different.

For the next hurdle to tell my parents were engaged!  ( we got engaged on Feb 10th)

Lea x (we both use this journal so Ben will be posting in this community as well)