Mrs. Shaybe Silver (shaybe) wrote in wacky_weddings,
Mrs. Shaybe Silver

wedding preview pics

These are some pics of what we have done so far

My engagment ring

our wedding bands

the basis for our centeroieces... ours will have black ribbons and pearl necklaces around them

my wedding gown... which i made

my shoes (mine our white of course)

our cake

the groom and best man will have a variation on this... (they are handleing that)

maid of honor dress

my hair

my tiarra

my bouquet .. only mine will have black roses instead of the white ones and will have white carnations, queen annes lace and babies breath

moh bouquet

I think that's everything lol.... sorry about so many pics... but the wedding is only 2 months away so we have alot done. BTW I made almost half of the stuff for my wedding so if anyone has any DIY questions just ask.
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