Tina Marie (thenewchristina) wrote in wacky_weddings,
Tina Marie

Question about the invites?

One of my cousins suggested that I put my deceased parents names on the invitations, so that the one side of my family will know who I am(we have a large family, basically this is my grandparents relatives). That side of the family will only recall my parents, apparently. Thing is, if I acknowledge my parents on the invites, we'd have to acknowledge my fiance's or it'd look funny. Well, he doesn't really have parents, as his father had nothing to do with him after his birth and his mother kicked him out at the age of 16. So, I don't want to acknowledge them, either. Basically, I was planning on having a moment of silence for all the deceased family members that are not able to be at the wedding, physically, that is. Then possibly a picture of my parents, at a table set for two, with some roses in a vase for them at the reception. Anyway, what do you think about including my late parents on the invite without my fiance's parents? So many people have passed on in my family that were the bridges that brought us all together in the past(ie: my grandparents and my mother), so I don't know.

edit: It would be worded as Christina, the daughter of the late Mr & Mrs, and Steve, would like to invite you to...

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