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Wedding Scroll invitations


When we decided to have a Renaissance wedding I knew that we had to have invitations that reflected the feel of the wedding.  I only need 50 or so invitations and it is the one area that I've been budget minded on, but it's also an area that I didn't want to skimp on, even knowing that the invites would likely end up in the landfill, because really, who keeps them beside the bride/groom or immediate family?  Well I looked and looked and was pointed to this website. .  The cost of each invite varies and you can get samples and they'll even apply the cost of shipping and sample invite to the end cost of any invitations you buy.  Because they are in India the shipping costs are *cough* a bit much.  I've not picked out ONE invite yet, but these are some that I am drawn to, each for it's own reason.  Our colors are light blue/navy blue, white, but I don't really feel that the invite needs to actually reflect they wedding colors. I haven't worked out the RSVP card or map issues yet either.



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