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Hi, everyone! Congratulations on the impending weddings! I am a relatively new bride myself (just got married a year ago!). I had the wedding from hell! We ran out of time, we ran out of money, and a lot of our vendors didn't hold up their end of the bargain. (Except for our cake and flowers - if any of you are in the Delaware/Pennsylvania area I can't recommend more highly Serpe's Bakery on Kirkwood Hwy in Wilmington and Village Green Florist on the corner of Lea Blvd and Miller Rd also in Wilmington.) I had the photographer from hell, and a pastor who ended up being a racist (when our wedding party had like four different ethnicities participating!!!)

I bought my dress and accessories at David's Bridal, which was fine I guess, but I couldn't believe how little you got for all that money you paid for the accessories. Mine was like a really simple, practically unnoticeable beaded band, and it cost me ninety bucks and was so tight it gave me headaches. Killer. And there was really nothing unique there.

Right now I am working a corporate job (I'm on the operations side of international equities trading), and I would do anything to escape it. I've always made my own jewelry, and so I thought to myself, this could be it. This could be how I escape corporate. I make tiaras. Simple ones, ornate ones, really unique ones... I just did one for a girl who wanted to do an "Elven" wedding. I am still trying to build a client base and a reputation, so my jewelry is pretty inexpensive.

Here is an example of the kind of work that I do, and if you are at all interested, please click on the pic. It will take you to my livejournal, and you could leave me a post. This tiara I am selling at cost (because this is the first one I am trying to sell over the internet... Just want to get one under my belt.) This is the only pic I have up now, but I will consistently be updating my inventory. Everything I do is 100% customizeable to suit your wedding needs.

This tiara is made of 26 gauge gold plated wire with a copper core, and dozens and dozens of swarovski crystals. I was so enamoured with this one that I kept it on even after taking the picture. I cleaned the kitchen in it! I use a fine wire so it is extremely flexible and won't give you headaches. It fits any size head, and stays in place comfortable with two little miniscule bobby pins.

Thanks for your time!

Click the pic to go to my LJ!!
My jewelry LJ can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/users/kristys_jewelry

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