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Greetings and an obsessive question.

I'm not sure my wedding is wild/'s somewhat off beat. It's a Victorian/Fall Harvest with heavy Faery influences (and the cats.)

We are getting married in what i'm sure is a haunted victorian museum/mansion October 15th, 2005 (reception will be held in the same place.) I plan on putting faery's everywhere (even in my hair.) We are having a handfasting type ceremony...however i'm sneaking this in under my very xtian family.

I do have a question...and i've been trying to figure out how to fix it all day (without having to shell out money for more invites.) I misspelled hors d'oeuvres on my invites. ANyone have any creative ways to fix it? I did post something about this over at weddingplans (but it's not a cross post...this is just a question on how to creatively fix this snaffu.) SOmeone at weddingplans did say that in cali they spell hors d'oeuvres "orderves". Well I spelled it "horderves", and i was thinking of placing a small star sticker over the h... I'd like to hear from creative people...should i just relax and let this one go...or try to fix it creatively?
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